Jessica is a somewhat crazy — yet loving — blond. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay with a B.A. in communication with emphasis in journalism.

She is passionate about football, writing, art and won’t go near cooked peas. (Raw peapods are fine.) She hates the cold and loves her completely awesome camo coat.

From the first time Jessica printed a photo in a dark room, she has been addicted to the art of photography. Over the years, she has built a portfolio ranging from sports to events to portraiture. She carries her passion for photography with her every day and in every location. She is currently focusing (no pun intended!) on high contrast black and white compositions using external filters.

Over the past year, Jessica has expanded her skillset to include digital illustrations. Transitioning from Adobe Illustrator with a basic mouse to an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, her love of drawing grows each time she puts down a simple line and some color. She is currently filling her print shop and welcomes freelance opportunities.

To view Jessica’s collection of prints, visit her shop.

Browse her latest work on Instagram by visiting @l_j52 for photography and @is.illustrations for illustrations. You can also check out her YouTube channel Ink Shot Studios for time lapse videos of her drawing process.