Stellar (The Astra Chronicles #1)

Stellar (The Astra Chronicles #1) – In this short story, Semra has spent the past five years completing her required higher education for the kingdom of Cygnus. She enjoys staying out of the spotlight, and expects her post-education assignment to take her to a small hub outside the city. She is prepared for an ordinary labor position, an ordinary life, and she has never imagined otherwise.

When Graduation Day comes, she receives an assignment that sends her life in an entirely different direction. She has to learn new skills, act as an official diplomat, and work directly with the royal family. Her ordinary life is gone in the blink of an eye.

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The Astra Chronicles is a series of short stories following Semra and Rome as they travel to different lands on behalf of their queen. Serving as diplomatic ambassadors – astras – they seek out foreign rulers, forge new alliances, and often assist with dangerous conflicts. Astras are picked for their character, special gifts, and always work in pairs.