Luminosity (The Astra Chronicles #2)

Luminosity (The Astra Chronicles #2) – In this short story, Semra and Rome receive their first assignment as astras of Cygnus. When an ice shelf collapses in the nearby kingdom of Anser, the pair join a caravan of supplies and labor workers to offer assistance.

Alongside the king of Anser, Semra becomes absorbed in a mass effort to rebuild the kingdom’s residential housing. Drawing on her background of manual labor, she grows comfortable with her surroundings, and successfully forms new diplomatic friendships.

When she’s callously injured, however, her confidence wavers, and she begins to question her future. To her great surprise, Rome is the one who comes to her side. With several issues of their own, the young astras need to come to terms with their new partnership.

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The Astra Chronicles is a series of short stories following Semra and Rome as they travel to different lands on behalf of their queen. Serving as diplomatic ambassadors – astras – they seek out foreign rulers, forge new alliances, and often assist with dangerous conflicts. Astras are picked for their character, special gifts, and always work in pairs.