InkShot. Page #4

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InkShot. Pages go beyond simple coloring. They are designed with five specific goals in mind:

1. Each page has a balance of large and small sections to create a challenging, yet relaxing, experience.

2. Small details can be added with multiliners, allowing you to practice your penwork.

3. You can print on your favorite paper, and use your favorite markers. (Personally, I love using thick, smooth, bright white cardstock, Prismacolor alcohol ink markers, and Copic multiliners.)

4. Once printed you can create a disc-bound sketchbook, or frame your finished work. InkShot. Pages are formatted for both options:

  • Each PDF is 8.5”x11” (standard paper) size.
  • The image on the PDF is 8”x10” and is NOT centered.
  • The image is aligned with enough space on the left to use a disc-bound punch.
  • A thin black line marks the edge of the image, serving as a guide to trim for framing.

5. You can print multiple copies, try different color schemes, detail techniques, or start over if you make a mistake. Strive for perfection and grow!

All images are copyright Ink Shot Studios. PDFs are sold on a non-commercial basis only. These files are for artistic growth and therapeutic purposes only. Ink Shot Studios retains all copyright privileges.