Goals Behind the Astra Chronicles

For years now, I’ve tried – and failed – to complete a full novel. Every time I get on a roll, or come close to finishing, something gets in the way. I lose interest, grow frustrated with the direction of the plot, or become distracted by a new story.

After more than a decade of failing, I’ve come to a conclusion: I have a fear of finishing.

I’m going to use The Astra Chronicles as an opportunity to work through these issues. This project will give me practice getting through the entire writing process, and like all good things, practice is key.

My goal for this series is to write swift, short stories. My decisions will be fast, definitive, and I will not get bogged down in plotting, or nitpicking word choice.

And as a finishing touch to each story, I will self-publish in ebook format!

The Astra Chronicles is a series of short stories following Semra and Rome as they travel to different lands on behalf of their queen. Serving as diplomatic ambassadors – astras – they seek out foreign rulers, forge new alliances, and often assist with dangerous conflicts. Astras are picked for their character, special gifts, and always work in pairs.