First Time Out

First Time Out

As soon I received my new camera, I re-enacted a five-year-old kid on Christmas Day and dug into the box right away. It’s been a few years since I got a new camera, so I was excited about having a new toy to play with, but more so, I couldn’t wait to start exploring infrared.

The camera, a Canon M100 mirrorless body with a 15-45mm lens, was pretty much what I expected – lightweight, easy to maneuver and I’ll feel comfortable carrying it with me often. In one word, it’s convenient.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to run outside and take my first photo, but after waiting a few years for the opportunity, I had to wait a little longer – the battery was bone dry and I had to charge it. Figures, right?

The battery charged quite quickly, though (a positive attribute for the new camera!) and I was able to create the images below in less than an hour.

This image was taken using a full-spectrum infrared converted camera with no external filter.
This was taken using a Life Pixel Standard IR (720 nm) external filter.
This was taken using a Life Pixel Hyper Color IR (470 nm) external filter.

I won’t go into the details just yet about the process I used – that’ll come in future posts – but it is possible to take fun images right away, even with the more advanced techniques of an infrared camera.

It is very important, however, to understand the necessity for in-camera custom white balance and swapping color channels in editing. Without research on these two topics, I would have struggled immensely and my first shotS would have been filled with frustration instead of joy.

Over my next few posts, I’ll focus on these two topics and expand to reviews of the products and software I use. I will also cover the different experiments and tweaks I make to my infrared process.

Stay tuned for future posts, and until then, cheers friends!